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#nodes * #cores
Number of GPUs:
Very limited number of GPUs available.

Only use this if your code actually utilizes GPUs.
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If you don't know what these mean, you probably don't need to check them. The more you check, the fewer nodes you can run on. More information
If you must guarantee that your jobs use specific hardware (e.g. for benchmarking) please contact FSL.
avx [?]
Nodes avail: 37/952
Procs avail: 4581/21312
avx2 [?]
Nodes avail: 34/632
Procs avail: 3849/16192
fma [?]
Nodes avail: 24/622
Procs avail: 3609/15952
ib [?]
Nodes avail: 42/638
Procs avail: 3233/13536

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