About the Fulton Supercomputing Lab

FSL Mission : To facilitate and enhance computationally-intensive research at BYU by providing reliable, state-of-the-art, high performance computing resources to faculty and students.

  • The Fulton Supercomputing Lab provides compute resources for research purposes. FSL servers do NOT handle enterprise services such as payroll, registration, etc.
  • BYU faculty, students, and their associated collaborative researchers who have computationally intensive problems to solve are welcome to request access to FSL resources.
  • FSL provides these resources at no charge. Users are required to provide a statement to justify their need.
  • FSL builds and operates HPC systems: clusters of servers or large memory computers that are fine tuned and dedicated for intense processing needs. HPC includes fast servers, fast disk storage, and fast networks that connect everything together.
  • FSL reports to the CIO of BYU. FSL is not part of OIT nor is it part of an academic department or college.
  • FSL manages and operates about 1000 servers and is used by hundreds of users.

Please refer to FSL Operations and Principles of Use for additional information.