Jobs with BYU Supercomputing

The Fulton Supercomputing Lab at BYU is hiring for the following positions:

Job Title Category

Why work at BYU?

Full-time Positions

  • Family-friendly work environment
  • Generous time off: 22 vacation days, 12 sick days, and 12 calendar holidays
  • Pension up to approximately 1/4 salary at retirement
  • 401k matching up to 4%
  • Retirement Plus Plan: Additional 3.5% contribution by the university, no contribution required from you.
  • Free tuition for employee and spouse, half for dependents. See link for limitations.
  • Many more benefits
  • Lots of great outdoor activities nearby: hiking, backpacking, skiing, lakes, and more.
  • Great sports teams nearby: BYU's many teams, the Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake

Student Positions

  • Exemption from FICA taxes: Your taxes are lower so your actual earnings are higher at BYU than they would be at the same wage elsewhere. More info
  • Close to classes

Why work at Supercomputing?

Supercomputing is a small department with a lot of responsibilities. We manage pretty much everything including networking, storage, almost 1,000 physical servers, operating systems, a batch job scheduler, applications, and more. Despite the large scope of work and small staff size, Supercomputing is well-respected on campus and among its peers at other institutions for the work we do. Systems are stable, fast, and efficient and researchers are generally very pleased with our offerings.

Full-time Positions

Great work-life balance

Do you like 80 hour work weeks? Neither do we. A job with Supercomputing is a true 8-5 job. There are some on-call responsibilities (depending on the position) but emergencies are very rare.

Do you like midnight or weekend maintenance? Neither do we. Maintenance and upgrades are almost always scheduled during normal business hours. User batch jobs run 24x7x365 so a downtime at midnight is just as bad as a downtime at 8am. Maintenance might as well be convenient for someone.

Take some time off to spend with your family, go outdoors, or take a vacation. BYU has a generous time-off policy so take advantage of it.

If, instead, you and your family prefer the stress of homework, papers, exams, etc. you can enroll in BYU classes for free (employee and spouse) or half price (dependents). BYU is highly ranked in many areas and provides a great education.

Interesting and challenging work environment

Do you like Windows? Neither do we. We previously used Windows to test our website in IE but we don't even do that anymore. Linux is the only OS used in Supercomputing.

Supercomputing builds and maintains clusters of hundreds of servers. As of 2017, there are over 21,000 processor cores in our clusters that are available to BYU researchers. The servers are connected to each other via high speed networks (Ethernet and Infiniband) and connect to over two petabytes of storage. We regularly replace aging hardware with the latest and greatest technology.

We have a small, agile department that works as a team to fulfill our mission. That means that each employee has significant latitude to make technical decisions and influence the future of Supercomputing at BYU. There is very little (if any) red tape that you would see in a typical organization.

Supercomputing employees get to work with faculty and student researchers at BYU, many of whom are distinguished in their field of study.

Student Positions

A job with Supercomputing can help you in many ways. You will get to do real work and have real responsibilities. You'll learn from Supercomputing employees who are very skilled and knowledgeable in many areas. In addition to being a great resume builder, a job with Supercomputing will be technically challenging and engaging. This is definitely not a job where you can just sit around and do schoolwork.