Supercomputing Hardware Technician

Job Opening

The Fulton Supercomputing Lab is hiring a Hardware Technician to troubleshoot and replace hardware. The position also allows for other learning opportunities that will serve you well in your career.

  • Diagnose and replace hardware on ~1,000 servers (~21,500 CPU cores, 80 TB RAM, and 64 GPU cards)
  • Gain lots of new skills (e.g. Linux, server hardware)
  • Learn about High Performance Computing

Candidates should have experience with the following:

  • Computer hardware replacement
  • Troubleshooting computer problems
  • Linux experience is preferred

6-10 hours per week in 2+ hour blocks, with occasional opportunities to work more hours if desired. Schedule is flexible.

Pay is $10 per hour.

Application Instructions

Apply by email to superjobs at byu dot edu, with the subject, "Supercomputing Hardware Technician". In your email, please let us know how you heard about this opening and your expected graduation date. Note that we care more about your technical experience and hobbies than your previous, non-technical employment. Feel free to list prior non-technical jobs; just be sure to include sufficient detail about your technical background and experience.

You can include this information in the cover letter (i.e. the body of the email you send) or in an attached resume. If you send an attachment, please make sure it is a PDF file.

ITAR Restrictions

The Fulton Supercomputing Lab supports projects that handle data regulated by ITAR. Prior to hire, the final candidate may be subject to a screening process for citizenship/residency status in accordance with federal ITAR compliance. All interested applicants are welcome to apply.